[How to detoxify potato poisoning]_What to do_How to do

[How to detoxify potato poisoning]_What to do_How to do

Potato, also known as potato, is a kind of food that grows in the soil.

Many people like to eat potatoes very much.

Because the potatoes have a very soft feel after they are cooked.

But not all potatoes can be eaten directly.

Sprouted potatoes can no longer be eaten because sprouted potatoes contain toxicity.

People who eat long-sprouted potatoes are poisoned.

Now let ‘s find out how to detoxify potatoes.

Bell potato (called potato or potato) is a commonly used food.

In addition to water, starch, and protein, potatoes also contain a small amount of harmful ingredients such as solanine, but their content is very low (0.

005% -0.

01%), not enough to cause poisoning.

However, after the potato germinates, the content of solanine in its young shoots and bud eyes can be as high as zero.

3% -0.


Data show that normal humans ingest the solanine 0 at one time.


4 grams can cause acute germinated potato poisoning.

(I) Symptoms of poisoning Germinated potato poisoning occurs within 2 to 4 hours after eating.

It manifests as: itching or burning sensation in the throat area, burning or pain in the upper abdomen, followed by gastrointestinal diseases such as nausea, rejection, vomiting, and diarrhea; those with deeper poisoning may have vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, electrolyte disturbance and blood pressureDecline; Decrease, still, often dizziness, headache, mild disturbance of consciousness, etc., severe cases also appear coma and smoking, and finally die due to heart failure, respiratory paralysis.

(2) Emergency treatment Once germinated potato poisoning occurs, the poisoned person should be induced to vomit immediately, and gastric lavage with 1: 5000 potassium permanganate or strong tea to reduce further absorption of solanine in the body;They drink light saline or sugar water to replenish body fluids to correct dehydration, and severe cases must immediately undergo intravenous rehydration and other corresponding symptomatic treatment.

(3) Preventive measures Potato poisoning generally occurs in spring and early summer. The reason is that the early spring is warm, the potato is not well kept, and it is easy to cause germination.

Therefore, strengthening the storage of potatoes to prevent germination is the fundamental guarantee to prevent poisoning.

1. Pay attention to how to store potatoes.

It must be stored in a place with low temperature and no direct sunlight to prevent its germination.

2. Potatoes with excessive sprouting are not edible.

3. For a small amount of germinated potatoes, deep dig out the germinated part and around the germ eyes, and soak for more than half an hour, discard the soaking water, and add water to cook thoroughly before eating.

Because Solanine is easily decomposed in contact with vinegar, some vinegar can be appropriately added during casting to accelerate the damage of Solanine and become non-toxic.