[Fried Bacon with Bacon Beans]_Fried Bacon_Kidney Beans_How to Make

[Fried Bacon with Bacon Beans]_Fried Bacon_Kidney Beans_How to Make

Green beans fried bacon, I believe many people have eaten, because it is a home-made food, and in fact, the production method is relatively simple, so let’s take a closer look at the specific method of delicious green beans fried bacon.

1. Bacon bacon 1. Material: Bacon, green beans, red pepper, star anise, pepper, onion, ginger, soy sauce, rock sugar, chicken, fragrant dried hawthorn slices; 2. Soak the bacon in cold water for several hours, remove the salty taste, wash and cut into slices;, Green beans remove old tendons, wash and cut into oblique sections, dry red peppers and cut into sections, onion and ginger wash and cut into sections; 4, heat the pot, add bacon pieces; 5, simmer oil, add soy sauce and stir-fry golden yellow; 6Add dried red pepper, dried hawthorn flakes, star anise pepper, ginger, stir-fry; 7, add water, slowly pass bacon, add onion and fragrant rock sugar; 8, boil over high heat; 9, cover with low heat for 40 minutes; 10,Add green beans and cook for about 20 minutes. 11. Add chicken essence to taste.

Second, the main ingredients of green beans roasted bacon: 200 grams of bacon (raw) 150 grams of green beans Seasoning: 2 grams of shallots 2 grams of garlic (white skin) 1 gram?

2 grams of salt?

10 grams of cooking wine?

1 gram of MSG?

Vegetable oil 25 grams Practice 1.

Wash the bacon and steam it in the basket 2.

Remove and let cool and slice 3.

Wash and wash the green beans 4.

Set the pan on the fire, heat the oil, and sauté the bacon slices and sauté over low heat until it is slightly vol. 5.

Add green onions, garlic, green beans, cooking wine, and salt until the green beans are cooked6.

Just add MSG before serving.

3. Tips 1. Cut the green beans into oblique segments for easy seasoning; 2. The bacon can be removed from the salty taste by adding bubbles. Generally, you don’t need to add salt when you burn, you can add rock sugar, so that the bacon is soft and the fresh green beans will burn.Cooked, because green beans are susceptible to poisoning.

3. Dried hawthorn flakes can remove odors and speed up the meat’s fast cooking.